Piano Burning, Part II

This is the aftermath of a piano burning…

All that’s left is the bottom plank from the back, the harp and strings, and miscellaneous hardware.  It’s all mixed in with the springs from the couch and chairs.


14 thoughts on “Piano Burning, Part II

  1. If there’s been a woodchipper and some errant blood splatter, I might have thought I was looking at a scene from Fargo.

  2. Wow, that must have been something.RYC – I can do about 20 minutes on a cardio machine and that is it.  My legs just turn to jelly.  But I can do hours on end in the pool.  My legs will still feel like jelly afterwards but while I’m there I’m fine.  Gravity is NOT my friend.

  3. I don’t think I could have done it… Nope.  I’ve moved an old (not that old, but still antique) upright grand piano across the country… and it’s still sitting in our living room.  How very sad she couldn’t find anyone willing to take it.

  4. Whoa, crazy!
    ryc: well, we’re not sure yet, but we’re thinking maybe Spokane (because we can’t handle the rainy-factor of Portland or Seattle), and it has a comprable cost of living as where we are now.  We’d love to live in Colorado, but cost of living there is nutzo.  My parents are moving away from where we live now, so there’s nothing tying us here to Texas, or to anywhere else, so we have a kind of freedom – if only all the particulars will work out, like house, job, schooling, moving costs -eesh!  We’re thinking of trying in a couple years, depending on how the hubster’s schooling goes.

  5. I’ve been playing piano for…9 years? so it’s pretty sad to see a piano destroyed. I can’t help but feel a part of me is in music and the instruments with which we use to channel our emotions. Especially since it was an antique piano *tear* Oh well, I hope it gave lots of warmth.
    P.S. Have you ever noticed that most of the people who commented you have “true” badges?

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