While my friends and loved ones in the US were sleeping (and probably still are) I got up, had breakfast, and wandered around town for a few hours.

Bad Sauna!

Mekko 24,90

Quantum Sky

Darth Vader’s Winter Villa

Now I’m off to get some lunch!


10 thoughts on “

  1. You are so clever!  Thank you for sharing your adventure with us here in Blogville!  
    I hope you have a lovely Easter! I will be working because I have no family here///but that’s OK, I won’t have a lot of food to cook or a mess to clean up…lol…  No I would much rather have loved ones to share my day…so instead I will share it with everyone that comes into the shop.
    Love and hugs,

  2. Hope the puppeteer doesn’t give up his day job!  My daughter was in love with Finnish ‘troll metal’ groups for a while.  The puppeteer could have stepped right out of one of the bands of that genre.

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