Shopping Trip

This is my last day here in Finland.  I went shopping and bought my kids and LadySavina some little presents…


8 thoughts on “Shopping Trip

  1. lol, as soon as you said “If you want to go shopping in Finland, where do you go? JUMBOOO,” and the dude with the white shirt looked at your camera like, “What the fuck?” ahahaha. And the two exit floor mats were hilarious.
    THOSE DRAGONS LOOK SO EFFING COOL. You should have bought me one. lol 😦 “I came all the way to Finland to drink Mexican beer”… right on, man. Right.on. And Manga? Hahaha! I love.
    The door with the flowers in it… just cracks me up so bad. And office products… lmao
    Your videos are always so hilarious. Love it.

  2. I’d have expected that you would have bought back some fish or a rocket or a 50’s era car.  Why?  Because they have fins!  Thank you, Thank you!  Please tip the wait staff, I’m playing here all week.  Love ya. Mean it.

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