Mountain lake shore
In afternoon shade
I leap from bow into grass
Thick white rope in my hands
To tie a good knot
That will keep the boat
From drifting

In the green grass
Over by a log
We notice black and white rings
“A kingsnake” says my friend
He bends down to grab
A tail where I see
A rattle

I yank him back
He does not believe
So I carefully handle
Scales rough and beautiful
Holding it eye level
It shows us its fangs
Of venom


3 thoughts on “Rattlesnake

  1. oohhhhhhhhhh they scare the pee out of me too.  I remember though as a child me and my 11 siblings (all under the age of 15) we would go to the creek and throw in big rocks to scare out the snakes so that we could swim.  I remember one time a water moccassion got me good.  It was a bad bite…but as soon as I healed I headed right back out to our beloved swimming hole.
    Love and hugs, Ashes

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