Another question…

Do you believe in love at first sight?

And if you answer yes, I’d have to follow up with…   Has it ever happened to you?


7 thoughts on “Another question…

  1. Yes, and twice.  Once with my ex-husband (though that was more ‘love at first sound, cos I heard his voice before I ever saw him) and the second time with my current fiance.

  2. Nope – I believe in “attraction at first sight” but not love.  I believe that love requires both knowledge of the other and a commitment which are dependent upon much more than the glimpse of an image. 

  3. I didn’t.  But now I believe that whilst it might not necessarily be “first sight” I believe that it is possible at first significant something, be it first email, first conversation, first touch, first kiss.  Yes I believe.

  4. no. i do not believe you can. this dealing with sight as in sight of the eyes.
    because think about it. sure you may be physically ATTRACTED, but do you know that person’s personality, inner thoughts, soul, life story? no, it is impossible to know everything with one look.
    and it’s so retarded when people say, “oh, i want her to be my girlfriend” or “oh, i want him to be my boyfriend” after the first look at them.
    think about it this way. a rapist may be beautiful on the outside, but does that really mean he or she is beautiful within?

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