She Rocks My World — Literally!

Apparently my Lady and I caused a 5.4 magnitude earthquake in the Quad Cities area this morning.  Sorry about that!

We were celebrating Bobby Wilson day.

Two years ago today, I sent my Lady a email about a new employee who needed access to the documentation system, which started a rather flirtatious series of missives that led directly to us both falling completely in love with each other.

To celebrate, we both, separately, sent Bobby a thank you email today … without explaining why.  I’m sure he’s totally confused.

And about this morning’s earthquake … the funny thing is, neither of us realized there was an earthquake going on.  We felt it, but we seriously thought it was us! 


8 thoughts on “She Rocks My World — Literally!

  1. I heard something this morning about the epicenter supposedly being somewhere in downstate Illinois, near the Indiana border, but I can’t say I was paying attention (was starting to pack, as the daughter and I are getting ready to fly off to visit another college). And, though I didn’t feel the quake, it did wake us (well, specifically, it woke the dog who then woke us (pained smile)). Of course, Kathy didn’t feel Loma Prietta (and claims that, the fact that she was driving her Chevy Vega over gravel at the time, as they were repaving March Lane, is some kind of excuse!)
    Funny, huh? Midwestern earthquakes. Makes me homesick.  

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