Returned, With Photos

I just returned from an amazingly wonderful two weeks with my love.  Some highlights in pictures…

Evil McDonalds Toy

My Love’s Cat, ML

ML Looking Stoned (too much catnip, meow?)

Self portrait, thought it might make a good “author’s photo”

OMG I love this woman!

Barn At Sunset (a B&W study)

Contrail Madness

Freaky Riverboat Capt

8 thoughts on “Returned, With Photos

  1. im not sure if the cat is stoned so much as plotting…which is like a default setting for cats, isn’t it? sounds and looks like you had a brilliant time though šŸ™‚

  2. Great writers photo (you even look good in IOWA! WOW!! (grin)), and loved the old barn pic, too. I’m hopeful you and Katie can get together someday and compare portfolios, as she’s become pretty passionate about photography over the past few years.

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