Writers Writing about Writing? And talking too…

One of the cool things about being a writer is, just the fact that you are one, you automatically belong to an eclectic extended family.  Through the shared misery and elations of our common obsession, we are related.  I love hanging out with my writer family.  That’s turning out to be more literal than not — both my kids are now writers as well.

Thank you everyone for your feedback on that snippet I was working on.  I’ve made changes and now hopefully it reads smoother and more natural.

On a related note — my good friend and fellow writer Melanie has gotten involved with podcasting and has put together her own show, perfectly titled:  “Don’t Quit Your Day Job.”  She extended to me the ultimate honor of being her co-host, and we did our first show last night.  Listen to it either on iTunes or here on the official website:  http://dqydjpodcast.blogspot.com/


3 thoughts on “Writers Writing about Writing? And talking too…

  1. Hey Jerry, That is great…. You guys did a great job. I passed it on to hunny bunny. He is getting jealous that I know more of what your doing than he does because of xanga. I think u need to call him so he quits his wining… 🙂 Enjoy what’s left of the weekend and tell your angels Hi and keep writing

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