Mayday! Mayday! It’s May Today!

Melanie and I have done two episodes of our show now (Don’t Quit Your Day Job: The Podcast, available on iTunes and elsewhere) and last night she had me do a reading of my R-Rated Spam Poem.  Since this is now a Poetry-Free Zone, I put the excerpt over on the NefariousJerrius Xanga page.

In other news, my older daughter is now in Cape Town, South Africa, and apparently having so much fun she doesn’t have time to call home and say she’s okay.  I got one email.  One.  And I guess I’m lucky to have gotten that.  Heh.

My love and I have begun a new countdown.  I get to see her in 17 days.


6 thoughts on “Mayday! Mayday! It’s May Today!

  1. Silly girl.  How old is she?  Obviously old enough to think that calling home is for kids.If my memory serves me correctly, you’ll get to see your love right around the time of the full moon.  That used to be Clay’s and my night every month to do something special.  It was kind of hokey, I guess, but we always had a blast planning cool dates on the full moon.

  2. That’s to cool about So. Africa. Though the current currency exchange rates likely are a factor, it just seems unusual that three people I know personally are either in So. Africa or have just returned.

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