Random Saturday Update

  • 7 days until 11.    That is code between my love and I for, “We’ll see each other in a week!”
  • My younger daughter is flying up with me this time.  Yay!
  • Friday was my love’s birthday.  One year closer to 40! 
  • I sent her a bunch of imported English chocolate.
  • Melanie and I recorded our 5th episode of “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” today, and we had three people call in, including our friend Delilah (if she’s our friend, does that count?)
  • In episode 4 we talked about Batman having phone sex.  This episode, we dealt with serious issues … like Kermit the Frog having phone sex.  It should be available by Sunday.
  • I am experiencing full-blown, all out procrastination toward working on my novel.  WTF?
  • I should be working on it right now.
  • But I’m not.
  • I finally saw the original Godzilla today (Gojira) and it was very dark and outright anti-American.  It also dragged on, and in the end, they actually killed Godzilla.  All the sequels actually follow the more campy American edit, where they overlaid some hokey plot starring Raymond Burr (and removed the anti-American messages).
  • I get to see my love in 7 days!


5 thoughts on “Random Saturday Update

  1. Godzilla is the best!  And yes, I agree, in many ways the orginal original is one of the best.  Love that post WWII contrast-ey Black and White look.  What’s more frightening than Godzilla is the mental image of Raymond Burr wearing a dress, which is what he did in real life.  Can you imagine Perry Mason saying, “Della, I really like that outfit you have on.  Can I borrow it some time?”

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