And now, a break from the long ass posts…

Text message I received from my older daughter this morning: 

“Fwd: Msg: I’m at a restaurant at the southern tip of Africa looking at a beautiful view. We were right next to a cloud part of the drive 🙂 love you all!”

How cool is that?  Meanwhile I googled to see if I could find where she’s at, and I’m guessing it’s here.

Dad’s Daughter Surveilance Spy Satelite Network

Meanwhile, I’m getting ready to move.  On Friday I hand my 30 day notice to my apartment office, and by July 1st I’ll be on my way up to be with Lady Savina.  For good.  No more long distance relationship!  Hurrah!

Sorry I’ve been so long winded lately.  I only have two more coming up from my childhood adventures in Mexico, and then I’ll stop.

NEWSFLASH UPDATE:  My podcast partner in crime, Melanie, brought this to my attention:

Our podcast “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” has made it to #8 on a list at iTunes.  So, fire up those iPods and give us a download.  It’s free.  And we talk about writing and stuff.  Yeah. 

DOUBLE EXTRA NEWSFLASH UPDATE:  My daughter just send me a picture from Africa!

…um, so much for it not being a long ass post.


7 thoughts on “And now, a break from the long ass posts…

  1. That is wonderful that you will get to be with her, no more long distance relationship. If you don’t mind me asking, how long has it been?Looks like the picture she sent is of the same spot you thought she was at. Looks absolutley beautiful.

  2. Patrick’s right, it is reminicient of the Pacific Coast Highway. And that’s so cool that you’re blogging about your baby’s travels, something I didn’t do when my baby flew away.

  3. Congrats on the 8 spot.  Just returned from Ecuador and the photos here remind me of the many wonderful scenes I saw during my travels.  

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