A lot happening in the life of Jerry…

  • I started the clock ticking by handing in my 30 day notice at my apartment complex.  I’m taking a break right now from packing.  Lady Savina, here I come!
  • I closed down the SF website I’d been running.  I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish with it, learned what I wanted to learn, and now it’s time to move on.  I did renew the domain for another year, so as to showcase all the wonderful stories we published.  If you love reading a really good, strange, fun story, go check them out here:
  • Melanie got me into podcasting and it’s really fun.  Also, I’ve discovered I like listening to podcasts more than I enjoy radio or TV (yes, more than TV)  The two I’m currently involved with are:
  • If you were enjoying my serialized memoirs, I’m continuing them on a site over at Blogger:
  • I have been a bad novel writer.  Bad!  Not a word on my current manuscript in weeks.
  • My older daughter is still in Africa.  She’ll be home by Wednesday.
  • I took my younger daughter out on an all day date yesterday.  Lunch, a movie (Iron Man, which of course rocked), ice cream (at Ben & Jerry’s), a sushi dinner, and a Taiwanese movie at home called Shutter.  Spooky creepy movie, the good kind without a whole lot of gore.

That’s probably enough details for today.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Well, back to packing.


13 thoughts on “Moooooving…

  1. Yeah!  Moving, cleaning house, strengthening ties, your life sounds great about now.  Many warm hugs and wishes for happiness for you and Lady S.

  2. I am so happy for you all!  It has been a joy to witness the unfolding of your relaitonship and love for one another.  You both seem so wonderful and deserving; a grand gift from the gods.  I have been so busy lately, but today it has been a real treat to just move from one cyber neighbor to another, stopping in for a guick visit. I love that you had a date with your daughter.  I think that I will have all three of my daughters under my roof mid june, first time in several years. I am so happy!Love and hugs to you and LS, and the girls!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend. Best of luck on the move. On a related note, Kathy and I were driving home from also seeing Ironman this weekend (sans our daughter, who was with friends) and say that company whose name starts with a ‘K’ on the sign of the building just a mile or so from our house.

  4. Ahhhhhhh shucks…You are the man Jerry…You are the man.  Just look how busy you are with you beautiful Lady Love, and yet you make room in your life to say hello.  That is just what I needed today…Cyber hugs…thank you! Ms. ElizabethI hope your move is going smoothly.

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