After a long and soul-searching conversation into the wee hours of the night, my love and I decided that she would not take my last name after we’re married, and she will not take my name and hyphenate it after her current last name.

No, we decided it would be best if we both changed our last names to a brand new one.  Our very own last name.

And the name we chose is…


Jerry and Tracy Aardvark.

Nice to meet you!


12 thoughts on “

  1. I used to have friends who had both changed their last name when they got married to a combination of their family names.  They both had a hyphen.  It was a long one. 

  2. @f_r_a_z_z_l_e – Plus, there’s all these advantages to having the last name “Aardvark.”  One, of course, is that we’d be the first people listed in the local phone book.  Two, in promotes environmentalism, as “Aardvark” is clearly some sort of strange animal that, just based on the word alone, you know must be endangered.  And, three, once we’ve been introduced, no one would ever forget our names. 

  3. Awwwwwwwwww, too cute! And if you’re phone#’s not unlisted or you start your own business using your new name, you’ll be near the front of the book, just after “Aaardvark”, “Aaaardvark”, “Aaaaardvark”, “Aaaaaardvark”,…

  4. I should have gotten here earlier — you beat me to the punch with the phone book comment.  I’d imagine that Aardvark would be a fine surname for an author of science fiction and fantasy, as well.  Just don’t get into trouble with the law — that name could lead to some outrageous headlines . . .And you’re right, platypus wouldn’t work at all.

  5. What’s wrong with platypus?  I rather like it!  Of course it doesn’t come first in the phone book but what the hey?  You guys are just too funny. 

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