My Occasional Physical Fitness Program

I have this great physical fitness program that, every time I go through it, I lose a lot of weight, increase my stamina and bulk my muscles up to a respectable level.

It’s called:  Moving.  The routine:  Constant physical exercise in the form of packing, lifting, and carrying.  It’s like going through Army boot camp.

Every muscle in my body is sore right now.  But, it feels good in an odd, slightly masochistic way.  I love the feeling of power when my muscles gain back their tone.  I feel, in a way, like Dr. Banner turning into the Hulk, but minus the green complexion (though admittedly I have split a seam or two in my clothes, usually in the crotch area).  I enjoy knowing I can once again punch my way through a wall, or spitefully smash the hood of a Lexus. 

Though I would never do either of those things.  Honest.  No, really, honest.

I may be a big old furry grizzly bear, but I’m a cuddly, gentle one.


6 thoughts on “My Occasional Physical Fitness Program

  1. Aw. ^_^You got me all excited. I was like, “Holy crap… a breakthrough exercise routine… finally!” Though I remember moving into my apartment for college… a ton, ton of work.

  2. I hate moving.  But I’m fine with helping other people move.  It’s the organization that drives me nuts . . .We watched The Incredible Hulk tonight.  I was definitely happy with it, but I’d rank it a notch or two below Iron Man . . .

  3. OH my LOVE! Well! While the thought of being able to sooth your tired aching muscles excites me, the thought of caressing your tight, toned aching muscles REALLY excites…. Add in the dimension of you splitting the seams of your crotch……… well……. I’m speechless. You shouldn’t boast though…… you might encourage stalkers. 

  4. Moving sucks, or as my 10 year old would say: “Moving sucks balls.”  I think Lady Savina is right, though, maybe you should keep the crotch splitting pants information to yourself–I know some Xanga ladies who would be very happy to be wicked and gleeful with you!Let me tell you about MY exercise routine as of late, because, as you know, Jerry, it’s all about me.  I have not one, not two, but three trainers, who are working together to make my life miserable.  Today I did an hour of water aerobics and an hour of strength training.  I’m so sore I can barely type!!!

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