People love their stuff.  My kids love their stuff.  I used to love my stuff, too.

When I split with my ex, and we had to get rid of the house, I had to get rid of most of my stuff.  Now, I’m a compulsive collector, so I had a lot of stuff, and I loved it.  But through a lot of soul searching and learning, I figured out something.

I didn’t own my stuff.  My stuff owned me.

I pay for it.  I pay tax on it.  I pay for a place to keep it.  I pay to use it.  I have to make decisions based on the fact that I have all of it.  I have to worry about it when I’m not around.

My stuff rules my life.

So I began getting rid of it.  I decided I want to own as little as possible.  And what I do own, I want it to be portable.  I made some serious changes in my life and my value system so that I, once again, owned my stuff, and not the other way around.

Unfortunately my ex and my kids do not share this new and (in my own mind) enlightened world view.  Through a cruel trick of fate, I ended up with all of their stuff.  Yes, even my ex’s stuff.

And it still ownes me.  Why?  Because I’m too tender hearted to get rid of it and say, “too bad, I got rid of your stuff, I was tired of being responsible for it.”  However, I’m taking steps toward my freedom.  It will cost me in the short term, but I’ll be totally free in the long run.

As many of you know, I’m moving up to be with my love, and unfortunately I’m taking all this stuff with me.  Well, not all, but still more than I’d like.  But my nefarious plan is, when I’m finally up there and settled, I will begin shipping the stuff to them, a bit at a time.

Of course, in only a while, my love and I will be married, and then …………… there’s all her stuff. 


By the way, anyone in the Dallas area need a TV, a VCR, a DVD player, a stand for all of it, or a large sturdy dining table, or a washer and drier?  How about a queen sized matress?  Or a bookshelf?  I’m going to CraigsList all of it.


9 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. Help me! Help me! I wish I could get a huge ass dumpster in my drive way and just go to town.  Like you, I’m not drowning in my stuff.  I’m drowning in my family’s stuff.  Toys, clothes, shoes, books, shoes, papers, toys, did I mention shoes? 

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