Farewell, My Beloved Brain Cells

Two nights in a row drinking really strong barley wine has left me with noticeable brain damage.

Seriously, the typos are way up, and my sentence structure has gone to hell.  I’m having to rewrite everything four times.

I may have reached the point where I no longer have any spare brain cells.  It could be that it’s time for me to stop consuming alcohol.  Or at least barley wine.


11 thoughts on “Farewell, My Beloved Brain Cells

  1. *LOL*  Brain cells are overrated.  (But this is from a girl who hasn’t really consumed any quantity of alcohol in a good six months!)

  2. Brain cells? What are those?? I think I might be much happier without them, but can’t say that I really remember one way or the other, so…

  3. The brand you are drinking says “Chicken Killer”.  Maybe there is some bizzare voodoo thing about killing a chicken that you have to do to to drink this beverage unfettered.  Or maybe just don’t drink this stuff…..

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