Only a few days now until Lady Savina and I are together.

We won’t be living together at first.  Her divorce is still dragging on, and her middle daughter is coming to stay with her for a month.  Until the divorce is finalized I’m still a secret in her life, at least to her older daughters and her soon-to-be-ex.  So I will be right down the road, in a little place I’m calling The Loft — I’ve always wanted a loft apartment, and this is pretty close.  That is, as close as I’m going to get in a little Iowa town with a population of 163.

Our plan is, every morning she drives right by The Loft on her way to work, and so she’ll be picking me up on her way.  We’ll work at the place of many ups and downs, then she’ll drop me off on the way home.  I’ll be a few miles away and we’ll both be going nuts.  So close, so close!  And it will be this way for much of July.  If I can, I’ll try to use these strange nights in this small town to work on my novel.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even finish it.

I have never lived in a town so small that the entire population could fit on an airline all at once.  Small towns are famous for having no secrets. 

This is going to be interesting.


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  1. I wish you only the best.  I understand the whole need for secrecy, too.  Not that S didn’t know C existed, but the rest of the world in our little world, who could make things difficult for everyone involved.

  2. Hopefully it’s not like any of the small towns portrayed in The X-Files. If so, you’re sure to come across canabilism, murderous psychics, vampires, Satanic worship, or possibly something even worse… Like bad sushi! Seriously, write on, dude!

  3. Wow, good luck to you.  163 people in town?  Rumors WILL start >sigh< but I hope that you can successfully deny them until such time as you don’t need to.

  4. I’ve finally caught up on your life. I’m so glad you two can save some money on flights and all. To me, this sounds like torture, but at least you get face time. Hugs to you both.@trnunes – or no sushi! It will definitely be bad…I’m pretty sure.

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