I’m with my lady love now!

It doesn’t feel real.  It feels like a dream.  My mind is also not convinced that I won’t be going back to Texas “after this trip is over.”  Part of me, somehow, has not comprehended this isn’t just another visit.  That this is where I actually live, now.

I’m not in The Loft yet, though.  Everything I own is in a little trailer still hooked to my car, sitting our here on Lady Savina’s farm, because my move in date isn’t until July 1st.  Maybe when I’m …………

The realitor just called.  I can go move in NOW.  So, what I was going to say is, maybe when I’m all moved into The Loft it will sink in.  I’m really here.

After all this time, I’M REALLY HERE.

Lady Savina is very happy. 


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  1.  Lady Elizabeth is just as happy for the two of you!!!!  You continue to give me hope.  I even have a marriage altar, putting into physical form my commitment to be open to a “lasting relationship” I am laying to rest my Infamous Bachelorette Days or shoud I say Daze. lol Well Congratulations on your new home away from home (for now) and yoru move, and your new life together with your Lady Love!  Holding you both in light and love!  Ashes  Ms. Liz

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