Another Quick Update While Feeding the Fish…

My love is still out of town, and here I am again, stopping by to feed the fish and use the dial up Internet.

  • I did take pictures of The Loft, but can’t really upload them until I get my broadband.
  • No Internet + No Girlfriend + Lots of Time = Major Work Done On Novel!  I boosted the word count by about 5000 words over the last few days.
  • No Internet also equals No Instant Research.  Interestingly enough, that hasn’t really been a problem, though for some reason (amazing foresight?) I printed out a lot of research material before I started this whole moving process, and so had many of the facts I needed as hardcopy for this weekend’s writing binge.
  • I did not move up here with a TV nor do I intend to get one.  That’s right, I have NO TELEVISION.  I don’t miss it at all.  What I do miss, however, is my microwave oven.  Without it I feel like I’m camping or something. 
  • I will catch up with you all later this week.  Promise!


7 thoughts on “Another Quick Update While Feeding the Fish…

  1. *LOL*  That’s so upbeat and hilarious!!  I’m glad you’re makin progress on your novel.  Given my current state of mind, you may have inspired me to work on mine.   Thx!

  2. I could certainly live without the t.v. as well.There are only two really awesome shows that I like, and even so it’s not the end of the world if I miss them.

  3. That’s so funny. When we moved to Chicago, my wife was there a few weeks before me as I was finishing up a gig.  She didn’t fully unpack everything, and she said the same thing about feeling like she was camping in the apartment.

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