Short Xanga Rant, and Writing Update

Am I the only one who’s already totally sick of seeing banners from Datingish?  The Mommaroo (or whatever it’s called) I can handle, but this incessant in-your-face marketing of a totally unnecessary spin-off is really starting to irritate me.

I know Xanga is feeling the need to grow and expand, and they’ve done a lot of good things lately, but starting up these extra sites I think is a mistake.  They’re diluting themselves.  And they’re alienating me.

By content alone, this WickedGlee blog should actually be over on Datingish, but I’m not moving it there.  No way.

End of rant.

In other news, I’m really moving right along with progress on my novel, and have discovered a wonderful feature on Google Maps that is an ultimate writing research tool:  Google Maps StreetView.  I can actually zoom in on some of the places I’ve set my novel, and see everything from the street level. 



5 thoughts on “Short Xanga Rant, and Writing Update

  1. I understand your annoyance, but I think the intention is not so much to get us to move, but to specify content?  I sub to both datingish and momaroo, and funny, momaroo annoys me more!!  (Then again, 95% of their content is for parents with infants and toddlers…that applies to me how? Whateva!)Hooray for novel writing success!!  And isn’t that a cool option!?  I lurve Google!

  2. Well expressed. Here’s another… Incessant “Can we help?… Care to chat?” prompts. The Web’s turning into the reincarnation of that F*&%ing MS paperclip!

  3. What is datingish?  Most of this hoopla has gone on without my notice.  As long as they don’t force me to go to that third-world market bargain-bin home page, I’m cool.

  4. Yeah, I love Google Street view too. Not for your reasons, but because there are places I haven’t been to in a while, and it’s cool to see how they have changed.

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