Pilot Episodes

My friends, I’d really like your honest opinion here.  Are these entertaining and engaging enough for me to continue working on?

At the very least, they’re short.  Especially numbers 2 and 3.



4 thoughts on “Pilot Episodes

  1. Definitely think you should continue! I’m about to go to bed, so I only listened to the first two, but I thought they were great. They have a very NPR-ish quality about them (and that’s a compliment!). I’m amazed at how clear your early memories are, wow!

  2. You’ve got a wonderfully unique set of experiences to relay.  I agree about the NPR vibe — especially with the guitar intro . . .I liked the horned toad story the best.  I would be happy to hear such a story as part of any radio / webcast.  I think these stories are best in short doses — I like the length of the second and third stories best.  If you were to post one four minute story per week, I’d definitely make sure to hear it . . .

  3. As you know, for the last few years I’ve spent one night a week in a sound-proof booth at a RFBD studio, recording textbooks and other examples of ‘the written word’ for blind and learning disabled students. I even have a certificate tucked away somewhere, stating that I’m a ‘Certified Reader’. And still, you’re a better reader. You kept your pauses to a minumum, modulated your tone of voice to keep the attention of your listeners, and proved what a pleasurable speaking voice you have. And the production values of each podcast were excellent and on-par with previous such efforts.As for the long term value, we all die, and we’re all eventually forgotten, no matter what pains we take to mitigate the fact. Still, I think the added dimension of personally reading your memoir will be appreciated by remaining loved ones, should they and the recordings survive the promising future to come.

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