You Just Cannot Make Something Like This Up

Actual Headline: 

Inflatable dog turd sculpture escapes Swiss museum, wreaks havoc
FROM CBC NEWS – Original Article Here

A powerful gust of wind recently swept a house-sized sculpture of dog feces from its display outside a Swiss museum, an art official in Berne said Monday.

The incident took place on the night of July 31, but details of the artwork’s escape — and the havoc it caused before its eventual landing — emerged just this week.

The massive inflatable sculpture, created by U.S. contemporary artist Paul McCarthy and titled Complex Shit, is part of the Paul Klee Centre’s exhibit East of Eden: A Garden Show.

McCarthy’s piece was displayed outdoors, among “weird and wonderful objects [forming] an animated kind of front garden,” according to the museum website.

The sculpture is usually contained by a safety system that deflates it during instances of bad weather. However, the system failed on this occasion and the work escaped from the Klee Centre’s garden, museum director Juri Steiner told Agence France-Presse.

The wind carried the work away, knocking down a power line and breaking a window at a nearby orphanage before falling to the ground about 200 metres from the centre.

The museum had yet to contact McCarthy about the incident, Steiner said. Officials are also contemplating whether to return the piece to display.

Imagine the years of therapy those poor kids at the orphanage are going to need.

Scott Adam’s take on the adventure:  Here

A broken, infected molar has ruined pretty much my whole week.  The antibiotics finally started kicking the infection’s buttocks last night, and this morning is the first morning I haven’t woken up in pain.  Tomorrow morning I’m scheduled to have what remains of the tooth extracted.

My love’s future-ex showed up in town last night, unexpectedly, and she is not happy about that at all.  Whenever he shows up, there is an air of dread.  I know I’m biased but the man is evil — you never know what mean, evil, spiteful thing he’s going to do next.  What makes it worse is that he’s so charming that he fools most people into thinking he’s a total prince, and he’s so good at controlling that he can even convince people who know better that he’s a prince.

The secret seems to be, if you say something over and over and over, bombarding people with what you’re saying, they’ll start to believe it.  Even worse, they’ll start disbelieving in themselves.

One can argue that’s exactly what certain members of our government and news media do.  To us.

“2 + 2 = 5”
 –George Orwell’s 1984

Surreal Saturday

This is the reason we have screens on our windows.

I’m making good progress on my writing but I am not feeling so optimistic about finishing the first draft by August 15th.  It’s okay, though, because if I can just get it close to being finished, that’s just as good.

It’s much easier to finish writing a novel that is already almost finished.  I mean, besides the obvious, it’s psychologically easier to work on.

For my break today I did a little playing around with photography…

This is for my love.  “11” is our number.

Old Window Spring

Land Of Holes

Ghoul from 8th Dimension

Inside / Outside

And with that, I shall leave you with a mysterious piece of music, smuggled out of heaven by a rogue angel.  Needless to say it’s very rare.  Elvis Presley and Bob Marley jamming together with their take on Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway To Heaven.”

I Hereby Publically Challenge Myself to a Writing Duel

Back to back, armed with lots of letters, numbers and a handful of punctuation.  Take thirty paces.  Turn around and TYPE!

I’m publically challenging myself to finish the first draft of this novel I’m working on in two weeks.  That’s about 45,000 words I’ll need to write by mid August.  My own mini NaNoWriMo.

If anyone notices that I’m scarce around here, that’s what I’m doing.  I want to finish this manuscript.

Love to everyone!  *Hugs* 

Free Music!

I am a big fan of the music site Magnatune.  They have all sorts of music, but I’m particularly attracted to their classical and (what I call) zen music.  I listen to it while I write.

One of the cool things about them is when you buy an album, you get the right to give it away to three friends for free.

Below is a sampling of what I have bought recently.  If you like any of them, let me know in the comments, and the first three (per album) gets an email from me with the link and password to download it.

This is legal, but only for me because I bought it.  Please don’t turn around and give it to someone else.  Please.  I’m trusting you.