A broken, infected molar has ruined pretty much my whole week.  The antibiotics finally started kicking the infection’s buttocks last night, and this morning is the first morning I haven’t woken up in pain.  Tomorrow morning I’m scheduled to have what remains of the tooth extracted.

My love’s future-ex showed up in town last night, unexpectedly, and she is not happy about that at all.  Whenever he shows up, there is an air of dread.  I know I’m biased but the man is evil — you never know what mean, evil, spiteful thing he’s going to do next.  What makes it worse is that he’s so charming that he fools most people into thinking he’s a total prince, and he’s so good at controlling that he can even convince people who know better that he’s a prince.

The secret seems to be, if you say something over and over and over, bombarding people with what you’re saying, they’ll start to believe it.  Even worse, they’ll start disbelieving in themselves.

One can argue that’s exactly what certain members of our government and news media do.  To us.

“2 + 2 = 5”
 –George Orwell’s 1984


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  1. The guy sounds like a psychopath. This is typical behavior of abusers. They have a public and a private persona that are diametrically opposed. Sorry about the stress that this is undoubtedly causing you both.RYC: That is such a sweet thing to say about the woman you love. She’s a gem alright.

  2. Hola W.L., ooh sorry to hear about your tooth and Lzdy S’s Ex. But I am glad to hear that you are doing better. Yep, bad teeth and not so good (ok evil) ex’s are equally bad, one is a pain in your face and the other a pain in your butt. I am praying that all is quiet and peaceful by weeks end.I got my music…oh Jerry, I simply love it, bathe in it, thank you so much!  I have already begun to work listening to them; music is such powerful Mojo!  This is a wonderful gift you have given me, and I promise you to return in kind your thoughtfulness…of course it may have to wait a bit, but one day you will recieve a little package in the mail to you from Taos, NM. Love and hugs to you and your love, Ms. liz

  3. Ugh, sorry to hear about the tooth thing. My dad has been going through his own spate of tooth problems and it always makes everything that much worse. Hope you feel better soon and I hope The Ex doesn’t cause too many problems. 

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