This sucks, but I have to simply accept it.

I no longer have time in my life to keep up with Xanga. It’s not like I’m going to do anything drastic and shut down my site, because more likely than not, sometime in the future I’ll be able to resume my involvement. But for now I’m going to wave, blow kisses, and wish everyone well.

If anyone needs to get a hold of me for any reason, contact me at jerry.davis@gmail.com

Take care my friends!


Suffering from Writer’s Blecch

imageI can’t really say I’m
suffering from writer’s block.  It’s more like “blecch.”  Kind of what
you’d feel the morning after a car wreck, or having drunkenly walked
into a concrete streetlight.  Somewhat, but not completely, like a hangover.  Akin to a mild flu afflicting only the creative system.

Look at yourself in the bathroom mirror.  Pull one lower eyelid down
with your finger.  Stick your tongue out.  You realize you look like
Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman. 


Not sure exactly what has caused this.  It’s probably a combination of one or more of the following:

  • Deep undercurrent of social panic regarding the world financial situation
  • Relocation stress
  • iPhone addiction
  • Insurmountable procrastination
  • Farm area harvest time allergies
  • My soul is still somehow off-center

When all is said and done, the most likely cause is the iPhone
addiction.  I can’t keep my hands off the freaking thing.  It’s hard to
work on a novel when you spend 3 hours a day dinking with a little toy
computer that doesn’t even have a keyboard.

Still Alive

image10739622.jpgHello my Xanga friends. Some of you may not even remember me. It’s that “WickedGlee” Jerry guy.

Yes I’m still alive.

Lady Savina and I are still together and happy. We no longer work at the same place, though. She was laid off last Friday. Everything is okay, though. I’m taking good care of my love.

However, trouble is brewing. My job is relocating. She may not get to go with me. The problem is that her divorce that should have been over and done with is still dragging on, and that is going to keep her stuck here.

I have been so tied up with work and domestic bliss that it hasn’t even left any time for writing on my novel, let alone keeping up with Xanga.

Now that I can post to Xanga with my iPhone, though, you may see more of me.

Hope everyone is doing well.