Still Alive

image10739622.jpgHello my Xanga friends. Some of you may not even remember me. It’s that “WickedGlee” Jerry guy.

Yes I’m still alive.

Lady Savina and I are still together and happy. We no longer work at the same place, though. She was laid off last Friday. Everything is okay, though. I’m taking good care of my love.

However, trouble is brewing. My job is relocating. She may not get to go with me. The problem is that her divorce that should have been over and done with is still dragging on, and that is going to keep her stuck here.

I have been so tied up with work and domestic bliss that it hasn’t even left any time for writing on my novel, let alone keeping up with Xanga.

Now that I can post to Xanga with my iPhone, though, you may see more of me.

Hope everyone is doing well.



7 thoughts on “Still Alive

  1. I remember you. And was thinking just yesterday that it had been awhile since I’d seen a post by you. Hope everything gets straightened out with the divorce and that you get some more writing time in.

  2. Wishing you and your family the very best :o) I’m sure everything will work out and before you know it, you’ll be working on that novel! Can’t wait to purchase my copy *rubs hands greedily*.

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