I have my hopes up. Way up.

LadySavina broke the news to me that the divorce suddenly took the turn for the GOOD, and it may actually be over and done with on February 11th.

So I said, “Do you want to marry me on Valentine’s Day?”

She said no, because everybody likes to get married on Valentine’s Day.  So I asked her if she wanted to wait a while and she said, no, she doesn’t want to wait at all.

KEEPING FINGERS CROSSED.  If all goes well, we may be married next month!  AND I found out that in Iowa, where we’re both currently living, they have a “Common Law” marriage law that states all we have to do is live together and say we’re married, and we’re legally married.  No time limit, nothing.  Move in together, tell everyone we know that we’re married, and file taxes as a married couple … we’re married.

Not sure how she’ll feel about that but I thought we might do that until we figure out how & where we want to do the traditional marriage.

This is the first time in months and months that I’ve let my hopes skyrocket.  This has been one long hard road getting here.  We’ve baby-stepped it all the way.