I Shouldn’t Have Gotten My Hopes Up

Lady Savina and I are still not married.

She’s still not divorced.  Her ex, true to form, lied about all sorts of things and messed up the divorce so bad that it has to be filed all over again.  If that wasn’t bad enough, my love recently spent nearly a week in the hospital with pneumonia, and he took the opportunity to come and snatch her little girl from the baby sitter under the pretense that he was “taking her to the hospital to visit her mommy.”

The bastard proceeded to call my love, in the hospital, and tell her he was taking her daughter.

My love, in a panic, LEFT THE HOSPITAL, raced across town, and confronted him at a McDonalds.  But she was too weak to do anything, no one would help her, the police said they couldn’t do anything, and he was telling everyone he was doing it to “Help her while she’s sick.”  So he left with the little girl, and my love has been distraught ever since.

Get this, he tells people, “I didn’t do anything wrong — I even took her out to dinner before we left.”  Yeah, her checking herself out of the hospital before she was well, and racing over to McDonalds, is his way of “taking her out to dinner.”

He’s also been calling everyone we know and telling them I’m a drug fiend and have a police record.  I guess I could sue him for slander, and probably will at some point, but that won’t help anything at the moment.

The real sucky part is I can’t do anything about any of this without it making the situation worse.  It’s up to the lawyers at this point.  He may, or may not, give my love her daughter back … he’s still maintaining he’d only done it so that she could “get some rest” and “get better.”  He’s also complaining about how expensive having a little girl around is.  I think he’ll turn her back over to her mom in due time, having made the point that he could take her at any time … because that puts him back in some sembalance of control.  And that’s what he’s all about.  Control.