My New Place…

image326431204.jpg…for at least for a couple of months.

I have become such a nomad. My job moved me to the Chicago area. My love stated behind for now. She needs to get herself in a better situation so that we can be together as a married couple. At the moment that is not happening and our window of opportunity has passed.

So from here I look for a place where I can settle comfortably for the length of my contract (3 years) and when my love is in a position where we can tie the knot, it will be time to move again.

Love is always complicated, isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “My New Place…

  1. Hope things work out.  The home on the river is beautiful!  My husband has a job which moves him around every few years.  The nomad lifestyle can put quite a strain on a relationship.    

  2. *hugs* Unfortunately, I have yet to see true love go off without a hitch in real life.  Damn movies!  Here’s continued thoughts for you and your lady love!!

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