NOT The End

True love is worth waiting for.  I don’t care if it takes a thousand years.

Lady Savina and I are still together.  We’re quantum entangled.  There is no separating us.  Time and distance are no match to what we have.

All this stuff below, ignore it. 

I almost shut down this site a few minutes ago, and I still might, but first I wanted to write an epilogue.

LadySavina and I have parted ways.  She has found herself trapped in her marriage with her estranged husband, and sees no way out.  The 2nd divorce attempt failed and she decided not to try again because her lawyer tells her she’s in a no win situation.  Because of him technically being in the military, she either has to move back in with him, or wait 6 more years until he retires, before being able to successfully file for divorce.

She can’t bring herself to move back in with him, and I can’t put my life on hold for six more years.

So we called it quits.  Just a few minutes ago.  And I can’t think of anyone to tell except for you, who’s followed this whole romance from the beginning.

She and I were so perfect for each other.  We would have been so blissfully happy.  Somehow, in this day and age, it doesn’t seem possible that a person can be forced to stay in a marriage like this.  It doesn’t make sense to me.

I’m so upset that I’m sick.  I’ll probably call in sick to work tomorrow.  Her and I knew this was coming but now that its actually happened, it’s like someone has died.  Our 11 has been rended into two ones again, and both are now crippled.

Am I being over dramatic?  I can’t tell.

I’m sorry this story had a sad ending.  I did everything I could to make it otherwise.  But that’s all there is.

The end.