Just Me and the Late Night Cats

I’m at Lady Savina’s farmhouse right now. It’s 2AM and I can’t sleep, because I’d taken a “recovering still from being sick” nap this afternoon. So it’s me and her eldest daughter’s three cats, and we’re playing with my high powered laser pointer I have from work.

The oldest cat, the one who scratched the hell out of my foot earlier because I dared try and block it from going up the stairs (where its not supposed to go) it has no interest in the laser dot whatsoever. Doesn’t care. Thinks its silly.

The other two cats, however, go absolutely nuts. I’ll try and post a video — not sure if I can from my iPhone. But it’s so fun watching them chasing this dot around, and these are not athletic, wiry farm cats, either — they’re big, bulky, fat house cats.

Met With Apple Today

It was kind of cool — I was invited to Apple for a meeting about using iPads in the business environment.  So I show up this morning way early, because I thought traffic would be worse than it was, and ended up having breakfast at a Starbucks a block away.  Everyone there, it seemed, was using an Apple product.

An hour later I get to the Mainplace store (in Naperville, IL) and had a great meeting with the Apple Business unit and the CEO of Lextech Global about all the ways that businesses are adopting the iPad.

What gets me is the sales figures.  The iPad is even beating the iPhone in sales, and is showing signs to have the highest adoption rate of any product in recorded history.  They’re on track to sell 28 million of the things by the end of 2011.

What are businesses using them for?  Basically, anything you’d use a clipboard for and a piece of paper, that’s what they’re using the iPad for.  Instead of jotting down notes or data or filling in forms to be later re-entered into a computer, you simply enter it into the iPad and then it goes directly into the company databases. 

Me?  I mainly use mine as a television set.  I just finished watching the entire last 5 seasons of Doctor Who on it.

“Friends Lock” No More

Gone is the paranoia that caused me to lock down this Xanga site.  I’ve removed it and thrown the doors wide open to let in some air and light.

LadySavina’s estranged husband won’t come looking here, and if her kids do, that’s okay.  I love her kids.  Even the one who probably still thinks I’m the devil.

I’m happy to report that her and I are as crazy about each other as ever.  Marriage for us looks to be on an ever-receding horizon, but it’s still on that horizon, and you know what?  Who cares?  We still have each other.  We’ve done the improbable: we’ve made a long distance relationship work.

I read somewhere that if you really want people to read your blog posts, you need to keep them to 4 paragraphs or shorter.  This is paragraph #4.  LOL.  Hello to everyone in Xangaland, thank you for still being here.