Surrounded By Beautiful Redheads

I’m on vacation for the next 9 days.

I drove down from Chicago last night and am now on Lady Savina’s farm.  She has a multi-page “honey do” list for me.  For anyone else in the world I would be resentful, but for her, I’ll do anything.  I’ll even climb under the kitchen sink and willfully destroy her plumbing.

I keep telling her I’m not a plumber, but okay, I’ll give it a try.

Her eldest daughter just got a new horse named Joy.  It’s a beautiful brown arabian with a white star on it’s face.  I’m saying it because I don’t know if it’s a he or she yet.  By the end of the day I’ll know.

The youngest daughter is 6 and keeps picking up a guitar and writing songs.  The amazing thing is that she doesn’t really know what she’s doing — she’s just strumming without chords — but her lyrics rhyme and they’re all about the power of being a girl, and the amazing things she can do.  You can tell she has some strong positive influences.

Just now I got a text from work.  They need me to do something immediately.  Hmm.  So much for vacation.

Hope all is well with you!



3 thoughts on “Surrounded By Beautiful Redheads

  1. And I do.  Madly Truly Deeply.  And if you destroy the plumbing – we’ll get a plumber in!  But I have confidence in you.  I know that you will do a brilliant job.   Thank you for working on my honey do list while you are on your holiday.  I really do appreciate it.  I really do appreciate YOU!

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