My vacation with my love was wonderful and now that we’re apart I’m missing her terribly.  Hopefully we’ll be back together by this weekend, but if not, then week after — I have two days I’ll be working in her vicinity and if everything goes right we’ll have 4-5 days together.

Meanwhile here I am in Chicagoland.  I got off work and brought my mini-supercomputer to my favorite coffee place to work on a manuscript, but alas, all the tables next to the fireplace are taken, and it looks like the people are there for the long haul.  The temperature has plummeted here and it’s supposed to snow before midnight, and my feet are freezing from sitting next to a window, and I’m totally coveting those fireside tables.  They’re so cozy.  

I want a fireplace.  The next place I move to will have one.

I’m so cold I’m thinking of packing up and going to the Chili’s across the parking lot, because I’ve never been in a cold Chili’s.

That sounds weird, doesn’t it?


2 thoughts on “Fireplaces

  1. Fireplaces are lovely.  There’s just something really peaceful and cozy them.  Even my dog and cat love our fireplace.    We joke that our cat thinks that God lives in ours; she’s always sitting and staring into it like she’s meditating or praying.  

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