Fireplace Redux

I’m back here again at my Caribou Coffee shop and this time I got my favorite seat next to the fire.  Ahhhh…. cozy!  I’m about to start work on the old manuscript but had to check in via Facebook, and for the first time found two other people have also checked in where I’m at.  But they didn’t have proper photographs so I couldn’t look around to see who they were.

Weird that you can now go into a place, punch buttons on your phone, and find out stuff about people sitting around you.  Fun and creepy at the same time.

Meanwhile I’m getting texts from my love’s daughter’s boyfriend.  He’s been asking for manadvice (man-advice?) from the worldly older gentleman.  Me?  How did I become a worldly older gentleman?  When did I cross that line?  Not that I object, but it’s never been a role I’d seen myself in.

I hope I don’t lead him astray.  “Stay away from the tequila, young man.  Stay away, far away…”

This fireplace feels so nice!  I think I’ll be here a while.

Okay, now to start working on my manuscript…


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