I wonder exactly what it was that I was smoking?!?

About 2PM this afternoon I started getting sleepy so I took a nap. 

I slept until nearly 6PM and I swear the entire time must have been one long intense dream sequence. But this is the weird thing. I was somewhere in Texas, some small town with a bunch of friendly people in this rustic bar, and a young 20-something girl with a cowboy hat comes in with bags of some plant she’d been out picking in the wilderness. Everyone in the bar is all excited and they all start rolling joints out of it and passing it around. At first I think they’re smoking pot, but it’s not. Its just some local plant. One of the girls keeps offering it to me and so I think, what the hell, these people seem normal enough and it doesn’t seem to be hurting them, and they assure me it’s not illegal, so I accept.

So there in the dream, I get incredibly high. I’m high in the dream. It was really wild, and fun, and there were colors swirling around, and I had a blast. Then I wake up, and I’m still high as a kite.

I get stoned on some dream weed and wake up and I’m still stoned. Wow. This means something, I thought. So I get up to make coffee and have something to eat — because the dream weed gave me the munchies — and I start coming down.

No ill effects. Everything is okay.

And then I wake up again. I had still been dreaming!

I’m still laughing about it.