That was then, this is now…

When I started this Xanga site, I lived in the Dallas area. Now I live in the Chicago area.

The love of my life used to be “Lady Savina,” who’s real name is Tracy. She’s still the love of my life.

We used to live 824 miles from each other, now it’s only 157 miles. We see each other a lot more often, but still not enough.

I used to be a computer technician with dreams of becoming a professional writer. Now I’m a professional writer, photographer, and web master … but I still end up doing tech support.

Tracy used to be my editor, then I became the editor, and now she does techie things — as the Director of Technology at her place of employment.

We still love each other to no end. It’s still erotic fireworks when we’re together. No intensity has been lost at all. The depth of our love increases, which is amazing because neither of us thought it could grow deeper. Well, as it turns out, love is pretty much infinite.

We have been through a lot together. A lot. More than many people have in a long marriage. It’s done nothing but made us stronger in our commitment to end up being together.

I know many of you are now my Facebook friends, and I haven’t lost touch. Thank you for that. For all the ones I’ve slowly lost touch with due to me not being an active Xangaroo, I’m sorry, and I’m sad about it. I used to love you all.

I still do.


4 thoughts on “That was then, this is now…

  1. I’m glad you’ve found your happy. I wish you an even happier happy ending. I miss Xanga. I wish it wasn’t so hard to get back in gear here. Granted, that’s bc it’s so much easier to get involved with FB and G+…

  2. Thnak you for your post! Believe it or not, you made me smile with that. πŸ™‚ Google translate doesn’t really translate that well but you can get the general message.I too have been inactive in Xanga, but I still read the updates through email. I hope you are doing well. πŸ™‚

  3. I would like to start this by stating that I am immensely proud of you, and all what you have accomplished regarding your career goals. I love you MTD.Perhaps I am reading this wrong, or being over-sensitive, but it has irked me sufficiently that even a week after initially reading it, I still feel the need to respond, and here so anyone who reads this is not under the false assumption that I “do tech support”.”Tracy used to be my editor, then I became the editor, and now she does tech support.”The way I read this is that I have taken some kind of demotion, while you climbed up the corporate ladder. If you think I do “tech support” then you do not truly understand what I am doing. Agreed, I do do some “tech support” but that is not my role. I am, using your company’s title policy, the Director of IT. I am the Head of the IT Department. I am responsible for over 160 people,all the equipment that they use, network administration, email, policy, life cycle management, and an endless list of other IT related responsibilities. Furthermore, I am the project manager for the EHR with a budget of over a million dollars. I cannot believe my good fortune in landing this position. I too have my dream job, and it is not “tech support”.

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