Time Capsule

This moving my Xanga blog over to WordPress, after not touching it much for years, has made me start going through and rereading a lot of it. What a time capsule it is. Wow.

I’m a much happier person now than I was back then, that’s for sure.

Much of this blog was kept private for years, as it documents my relationship with Lady Savina from the very beginning. Her and I started our relationship with words. We met via email and lived over 800 miles away from each other. All the crap we’ve been through since then (7 years and counting) is a true testament to how strongly we love each other.

That’s the main reason her and I still have these blogs, and now that Xanga may be shutting down (and we’re done with Xanga even if they don’t) neither of us wanted the blogs to disappear, because it’s our history. It’s a well documented relationship. Too well documented, one might say.

I’ve had many blogs on many platforms, including some here on WordPress. I have websites all over the place, as that’s what I do for a living. But this, here, is my personal place.

Odd that its so wide open for something so private.


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